No 10 (2008)


Table of Contents


Group and Grouping
Dirk van den Berg


Urban Discourses and Neural Networks: The Relevance of Deleuzian Characteristics of Group for Neurons/Brains and Bodies/Cities
Janet McGaw, Alasdair Vance
Architectural Quality in the Group Design of Historical Sacred Places and its Decline in Modern Architecture
Estelle Alma Mare
Grouping Selves and Others: The Art of Willem Boshoff
Johan Snyman
Conducting Focus Groups: Experience from Nursing Research
Christine Webb, Maggie Doman
Evaluating Advanced Video-Conferencing Interfaces for Remote Teamwork
Jorg Hauber
"Monument, 100th and Riverside"
Patricia Brody
"The Shipwreck"
Kim Roberts
"The Crows"
Judith Arcana
"The Back Boot" Project
Anna Muirhead, Susan Ballard, Michele Beevors, Victoria Bell, Bekah Carran, Scott Eady, Michael Morley, Emily Pauling, Benjamin & Sidney Smith
"Grand Canyon"
Dawn Paul
Excerpt from A Memoir-in-Progress
Judith Barrington
Dear Co-Authors: Epistolatory Revelations of Five Writing Center Directors
Anne Ellen Geller, Michele Eodice, Frankie Condon, Meg Carroll, Elizabeth Boquet, Michael Spooner
Cento for an Anthology of Women Poets
Anne Fisher-Wirth, Ellen Goldstein, Ann Hostetler, D'Arcy Randall, Rosemary Starace, Lesley Wheeler


Review: "Chick Flicks: Contemporary Women at the Movies"
Marian Evans


Colophon: Junctures, Issue 10:group